Repair & Roofing Installation

We understand the challenges you face. The only thing between you and your perfect land is 2 acres of trees and a tangled mess of brush and weeds. Davis Land Company can help clear the way in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Specializing in clearing out heavily wooded land, we go into the property leaving the large trees standing while clearing everything else so the land can be viewed, walked on, and made more presentable for your needs.

We use an Environmentally friendly process that returns nutrients back to the soil.

We Cover a wide range of requirements and work with a variety of clients, including farmers, construction companies, counties, and real estate owners. With our variety of land clearing techniques, we have established ourselves as the number one choice for land clearing.

Our state of the art mulching and chipping equipment means we can tackle any project, regardless of the type of vegetation, volume or density.

From agricultural pastures to dense forest, our advanced equipment and expert team of land clearing professionals is ready to deliver. From our forestry mulching heads mounted on rubber tracked crawlers and full sized excavators, to our processors and whole tree chippers, we are ready to handle any project.

Service Features

  • Commercial Clearing and Grubbing

  • Agricultural Land Clearing and Conversion to Tillable Acres

  • Mulching Trees

  • Stump Removal

  • Tree chipping

  • Line Fence Trimming and Full Removal

Davis Land Company

We build your dream. Contact us for detailed information.

Other Services

  • Tile Roofing

    A Proven Solution for Managing Aquatic Plant Infestations Is your lake or pond plagued by annual infestations of nuisance and invasive plant species? Are aquatic plants like water chestnut, giant

  • Metal Roofs

    We provide demolition and excavation services all over the state of Florida for commercial and residential projects. From the interior to the exterior we can remove and recycle debris for

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