Forestry Mulching

We offer a wide range of land clearing and forestry mulching services for land owners. Whether your acreage is large or small, individual or commercial.

Our process is ideal for forest reclamation and management because it greatly reduces the amount of material to haul away and creates access for men and equipment to clear larger trees.

Advantages include:

Minimal ground disturbance, minimal damage to root systems of valuable trees, eliminates the need for burn piles, mulch remains on ground to help prevent erosion and add organic matter to soil, surface is left ready to maintain with a bush hog.

Perks of Mulching

  • Very Minimal Soil Disturbance and Compaction

  • NO Burning/ NO Brush Piles

  • Mulch Material Aids in Erosion, Regrowth and Fertilization

  • Selective Clearing

  • Fast and Affordable

Davis Land Company

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Other Services

  • Repair & Roofing Installation

    We understand the challenges you face. The only thing between you and your perfect land is 2 acres of trees and a tangled mess of brush and weeds. Davis Land

  • Shingle Roofs

    Retention ponds are artificial basins with vegetation around the perimeter that includes a permanent pool of water. They are used to manage stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and improve water

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